#14 Wisdom from 38 Years of Marriage (a.k.a. Talk 2) ft Robin and Jan Jensen

Zach Jensen and his parents Robin and Jan join Grace to share wisdom from thirty-eight years of marriage. They have a tradition of giving their kids a talk at three different points in their lives. Today we hear what they share in Talk #2, which is about traits important to maintaining a good marriage. 

The first one is loyalty. Jan tells the story of how she learned to be loyal to Robin in the way she talks to and about him. (14:10) Grace follows up with discussing how to be loyal to one’s spouse while being able to go to outside people to help work through issues. (16:45)

Robin next covers friendship and positive communication. (22:00) Friendship in marriage takes nurturing, and it gives you a foundation for difficult times. The attentiveness, kindness, and generosity shown initially should not deteriorate in marriage, and is due just as much to our family members as strangers. (23:45) 

The third section encourages couples to serve others, take the higher road, be aware of compromise, rationalization, and self-justification, and teach your children kindness and humility through example. (26:50)

Mutual support is incredibly important to a marriage, meaning that you have each other’s backs. (34:30) Make what is important to your partner important to you. (35:20) The couples finish up by discussing more ways on how to support and communicate. 

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