#15 Living With In-Laws ft. Carolina Schubert

Carolina Schubert joins Grace Jensen to give tips on living with in-laws. She is both a marriage coach with various certifications and has lived with her in-laws for the past two years. 

Carolina recommends newlyweds wait a little bit before moving in with parents in order to establish their marital relationship. She lists important factors to include when considering moving into or out of an in-laws’ house. Grace and Carolina agree that clear expectations are a must, especially on privacy, time, and responsibilities. They also talk about what to do when expectations are not met.

Finally, they discuss Grace’s particular questions around her prospective living situation with her in-laws. We’re reminded that moving out of your in-laws won’t fix any marital struggles you may have; your mindset is a make-it-or-break-it part of your experience. 

The episode ends with Carolina’s heart-encouragement to all couples who live with their in-laws at least once. You can find Carolina at carolinaschubert.com and @carolina_shchubert on Instagram. 

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