#8-Supporting a Spouse Through the Unexpected Death of a Parent

This episode is the second part to last week’s episode, a continuation of the discussion of what to do when a spouse loses and parent, and how to help your spouse.  In January of 2018, Jaimee’s dad suddenly got sick and passed away.

As soon as Jaimee’s father passed away, she and her sisters were bombarded with decisions to make in regards to funeral homes, burial preferences, etc (14:53), leaving them with no time to grieve. Jaimee had no idea what to ask from Colton, her husband (17:08). But Colton, instead of asking Jaimee what she needed, simply showed up and was there for her, no questions. 

This episodes again reinforces the importance of respecting your spouse’s feelings, as it was Colton’s “turn” to be there for Jaimee. Being there for your spouse in the little things is essential, as Colton states (40:10).

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